Cairns Trip!


We took the cablecar to and from Kuranda - amazing views:

The rainforest walk at one of the cablecar stations

A lot of the rainforest trees have basket ferns growing on them

Kuranda town

Kuranda Railway Station

This is as close as we got to the Venom Zoo!

Port Douglas

We went to Port Douglas to visit the Rainforest Habitat, which is great, and have dinner at the RSA club on the sea-front and watch the sunset.


Palm Cove

This is where we stayed

Around Palm Cove  

Skybury Coffee Plantation!

This coffee plantation is near Mareeba, where Melanie was born.
I was very impressed 'cos I got to drive on a red dirt road In Australia :)

Green Island

Here are a few pictures from our day trip to Green Island on the Barrier Reef.

This is the boat we travelled out on - quite a bumpy ride!

We also had a trip in this semi-sub. Under the water the hull is glass on both sides and you sit between two glass panels.

A few pics from around the jetty on Green Island

I have no idea why these people were wearing raincoats!!

Cairns Tropical Zoo and the Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas

We took far too many pictures of animals as always!! Here's a selection:

Fruitbats - we saw lots of these flying around the flat at night

I think we were in its way!

A Cassowary with his two chicks. Once the eggs are laid the male takes over all responsibilities - the female was in a separate enclosure.

The red pandas were a bit warm I think!

Tree kangaroo

Wallabies and Kangaroos!

Wallaby porn!



Various Lizards

These are saltwater crocs and most of them were caught in the surrounding area - including the 4.5m one!

These are freshwater crocs - not so big!

Koalas - we took far too many photos but they're just so cute!!


Aww... fluffy!

This is a tawny frogmouth - I looked at it three times before I spotted it!






All of the following are wild, mostly taken around the flat we stayed in.

Bush turkey!

This was raiding the bins when I went to throw in a bag! It's about 1.2m long

The bird on the left's a curlew - they make a weird noise at night! The really freaky looking one on the right and its mate dive-bombed me for going too close to them.

Big bugs

I had a lucky escape after coming across this guy in the woods!

Kangaroos by the side of the road!


We ate lots of seafood and still had pudding. Well we were on our hols!

Random Stuff

Check out the 'roo bars!

Sydney - passing through :)

Not Burger King in Aussie!