Chris and Claire's Visit

Pictures from our Easter trip with Chris and Claire

The Trip to Kaikoura

Queen Charlotte Sound


Us on the TranzCoastal




This is the hotel where we stayed in Kaikoura - the Old Convent, and some views from the grounds
The sheep lives in the garden - apparently his mum had three lambs so they had to hand rear him.

This is the cafe I mentioned on the blog - definitely recommended!


Whale Watching

Whale Movie

Dolphin Movie



These were taken at the seal colony, which is by the side of the main road

Seal Movie

Kaikoura Limestone Cave


The Trip Back

A couple of pics from the return journey - the bridge is a very rickety looking thing where the train goes over the top of you.

The Wellington weather when we got back - and me looking windswept after taking the photo