Our House

Update March 2007

We've had a few things done recently:

We sorted out the fence

Before & After

We fitted a DVS

We had new windows fitted

Including an ace double bifold door to the deck

We got the walls injected with foam insulation

Some has overflowed into the loft!

And finally we've had the exterior painted

Updates October 2006

We've been fairly busy starting to sort out the house and garden since moving in in March - 7 months ago. Here are some updated pictures:

The cats think they're in heaven - cat doors all over the place even in the garage door after we locked them in a few times!

The Garage is a bit tidier then the pics below- you can fit a car in now :)

Melanie's been busy growing things

We got a DVS to help with the condensation. And a new light :)

De-beiged the lounge...

...the dining room...

... the spare bedroom ...

..and the hall.

A few shots of the garden. It never stops growing, and new things keep appearing all the time. It's proving to be quite a lot of work, not that we mind!

We've improved the loft insulation. We also had some unwanted visitors living up there and had to send the hunter killers up! They haven't returned :)

The mailbox one Sunday morning!


We have Sky - decent TV picture at last!

Original pictures from before we moved in

Here are some pics of the house we're buying

These are the estate agent's pics:

And here's ours:

The front garden:

Then the back garden:

And the various fruit trees, including plum, lemon, kiwifruit, feijoa and at least four different types of apples:

The side and back paths:

The Garage:

And the inside of course - these don't really do justice to the size of the rooms.



Dining Room:

Entrance Hall:


Main Bedroom:

Views from the garden, deck, windows etc: