New Year 2006

First, an important safety announcement:


Some scenery

The open road!

Mount Ruapehu - the last volcano in NZ to have a significant eruption as far as I know!

Lake Taupo

Lake Rotorua

Huka Falls

Island Bay, Wellington

360 Degree Flash thingy of the big pool
Boiling pools in the public park, Rotorua

Tirau - what a strange place! Every building has a big corrugated iron sculpture on it! Good brekkie though at the Oxford Cafe.

This is The Castle where they make toys :)

And this is the honey shop where we had a delicious ice cream. They have a glass working beehive on one wall too.

These are some of the Pics that Richard took diving on the F69 - the Navy Destroyer that was sunk off the coast as a dive attraction in November 2005

This is what it looked like before.

Some Wildlife!

How come everywhere you go in the world Sparrows get there first?

Greedy sheep and deer at Paradise Springs in Rotorua

Lion cubs at Paradise Springs in Rotorua - they feel kinda like sheep to touch!

XXX Lion picture!
This is the third time we've been to a place with lions and they've been at it soon after! We're thinking we might be a lion aphrodisiac.

This one wanted to eat me I think.

These trout are in the stream running past Paradise Springs - the water's so clear and there's thousands of fish.

And finally I picked up a shell when we were walking on the beach a couple of days after Christmas, and it was this feller's house!