South Island Trip!

Wellington to Greymouth

The ferry

Combined road/rail bridge - freaky!

Rest stops!

Greymouth - our destination on day 1. There was a classic car rally the next day hence the car park at the hotel.

Greymouth to Franz Joseph

One-lane bridges again

This was a reassuring sign just outside our motel

The view from the motel

Franz Joseph Glacier


Fox Glacier

Glacier close-ups

Mount Cook and, er, some other mountains

Us at the mirror lake

Franz Joseph to Queenstown

Wanaka town centre

A pub near Haast where we stopped for lunch

Just before the Haast pass. You can just see some brown dots on the beach - they're all seals!

Some waterfalls

Beautiful place, crystal clear water and thousands of biting mozzies.
We took a few dozen away in the car and it took half an hour and lots of bites to get them all.

Bit windy here!

Random shots taken from the car! Such empty roads!

Not far from Queenstown on the scenic route via Cardrona


The restaurant at the top of the gondola was just as good as the one in Rotorua.
And just like in Rotorua we ate far too much and made our bellies hurt.

Kiwi and Wildlife Sanctuary

The pigeons are big here!




Te Anau

Te Anau was meant to be somewhere to stop on the way to Milford Sound for our overnight cruise.
But they closed the road 'cos of avalanche risks and we had to cancel.

Some sheep :)

Te Anau to Dunedin

Cadbury World, Dunedin. Mmmmm, smells lovely!

What to choose, hmm... Each row is a different flavour!

The world's steepest street -and yes we did walk all the way up!

This is what greets you at the top - lovely!

Dunedin Sunset

Dunedin - the Penguin Place

New Zealand traffic jam

Yellow Eyed penguins like to nest in burrows in the hills

Here's one of the residents arriving home after a hard day's fishing, and he brought along a non-resident penguin too!

Up the hill

Bit of a shake, then stop for a ponder..

Uh oh, the missus doesn't look too pleased "what time do you call this?" she says!

I'll shout at the top of my voice, that'll impress her!

This is his new friend, checking out the weird people with the clicky cameras!

Dunedin Botanical Gardens

Most of the parrots and macaws were talking away at us and each other, one in particular gave a constant stream of
"ello darlin', pretty boy, wanna cracker, shut up!, 'ello, bloody 'ell, shut up, 'ello darlin'... " etc. Most amusing!

Speights Brewery


Bloody boy racers! Loads of 'em in Christchurch!


Melanie's driftwood sculptures!!

One of the Whale Watch boats

New Zealand traffic jam 2

Me trying to "do a Horatio"

Kaikoura to Picton

Seals and shags!

Sunset near Blenheim

Making friends with the locals