Waitomo Caves Easter 2007


We stopped off in Wanganui for a picnic and stumbled across this park - the playground is ace, it has castles and all sorts!

The Campsite and Waitomo Caves village

Us in the tent, Melanie's sleeping hat (her head was cold) and the weather on the day we left!

The moon was out all day - and the stars were so clear!

The bulls in the next field woke us up each morning doing this. Then the sparrows came along and asked for their breakfast.

Fantails, young mynah, kingfisher and a tunnelweb spider's house!

The Waitomo Caves main entrance

Lots of logging goes on around here

From the viewpoint above the village

Ruakuri Cave




They like their kiwis in Otorohanga!

Even on the buses!

From the Kiwi House - best photos I managed to get in the dark. The others are a North Island Kaka, Tuatara and a Pukeko

Te Kuiti

Sheep shearing capital of the world (apparently!)

Marakopa Falls


The Cookie Time Plane!

We've passed this quite a few times so we had to stop this time and have a coffee.

The Desert Road

I know I keep putting up photos of this place but I love it!

Strange Roadside Things


Angora bunnies

They shear them! Before and after shots.

The bush

The NZ bush is like the Lost World - if you stand still too long something will probably start to grow on you!